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Salt Spring Island Rod & Gun Club
Trap, Rifle, Pistol, Archery and 20 Yard Indoor Range


100 Yard  - .22 Rifle Champ of 2014 
 Derek Brazier

A total of 7 shooters participated in this great event on July 22, 2014. Pierre Robert had shot his round the week before
so everyone was looking at having to beat a pretty good score of  227. Derek set  up the shooting order and the fun began.
The first round of 10 shots lying prone
10 shots kneeling
10 shots standing. 
After all had finished the moment of suspense was on adding up the scores. Derek managed to squeeze out
Pierre with a 235 point total.The results for all the shooters was as follows:
Derek  - 235
Pierre  -  227
Doug  - 199
Darcy - 157
Marc - 154
Zach - 145
Steve - 92
Steve's rifle kept jamming up so he had an additional challenge. Much to his credit he didn't throw his rifle down the range.....